Socially Awkward .23 Rask (HIATUS)

Sadly, this will be the last update until I find some happiness in this project. I think I've pushed myself thinking that if I keep going, I'd be able to keep going. Turns out that I started hating the project and got really frustrated with myself. :) 

I do still love my VN <3 It brings me joy to see them grow during their development and I do plan to go back, but for now... I want to do something else. :') NOW GIVE ME KOFI!!! OCO

#Added Bedroom BG by
# Rask route!
# More clothes for Rask!


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Jul 28, 2022

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No pressure at all, take a break you deserve it. I hope one day you will come back to this project with love and new ideas. Personally, I love this novel. The art, writing, and story are all amazing and well worked on. Again we all need a break!

Sad to see this one go!  Your team is definitely the biggest influence in my trying to make my own VN.  Wishing you a relaxing time to recharge, because I definitely think you have such a warm loving story here.  Hope to see more down the road!  (And if you ever want help I'd be more than willing to lend a hand for free!)

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Myyyy bed.


Myyy drawer.


Youuuu mine too.


Myyyy kittyyy missing you.


atleast stop billing and asking for kofi if you are going on hiatus lol




It's been fun. We will continue to support you <3

Until we meet again! 



* HUG *


WHAT DO YOU MEAN UR SAD??? COME HERE!!! *sends virtual hugs* ò ^ ó

I would like to give you some KOLIKO BLANCA but sadly I only got GCASH and not registered to international payment... :>

" Hayyyyyy :( "


absolutely take a break or drop the project! i know me and others like this VN, but it's so much better for you to not get burnt out and move on to something else than to stick to this, burn out, and everyone suffers. your happiness is important!


It’s ok if you don’t do it now, we can wait until you feel yourself ready to continue this VN, and I’m shure you’ll come up with other ideas for the story, so as you said take your time, I mean we have all the time in the world lol


I especially love this VN especially the best wolf Rask but I understand  how taking breaks are important I hope you be well 


I love this V/N and it's sad to see it go on hiatus but it's even more sad to hear that you haven't been having fun with it! Definitely take a break for however long you need, we're not going anywhere and will be glad to wait if it means that you're in a better state mentally for this project once you start working on it again. <3


it’s saddening that this is getting a hiatus but you should take the time you need. We hate seeing you getting burnt out so please take a break. 

We’ll be here for ya <3 


I think you go to much line in there ,you can try on line to done.

I like this VN just want to let u know :D 

Have fun resting xD


I was reading this story, I didn't like the vore parts but well. I like the characters and love the protagonist becase it look like my cat that passed away in 2011.

Kind of reading the story was like I was having the company of him with me again and he used to bite me sometimes.

i honestly feel sad its getting a hiatus i really love this vn but its understandable, no one should be forced to do something you do for hobby

Take all the time you need. I adore this VN but I'd hate to see you burnt out and hating the project you've been working on. Rest well Monchi

Forcing yourself, or being forced, is a great starter for burnout.

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