A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Socially Awkward is a semi-linear furry visual novel focusing on emotional cues to portray the story of each individual character on certain topics and reactions.

You are Jayce (Name can be replaced). An insecure half breed cat who just started his college life. Follow his college days to uncover each characters' past to get to know them.

If you'd like to support me on Patreon, you can find it  here!

I also got a discord server if you'd like to come over to chat about the game or give some input on the characters, story, grammar and bugs that needs fixing! Click me!

Install instructions

For Windows/PC, just Extract and Play! 

For Mac, I have no clue, i don't own one ;w;

For Android, just save it into your phone and install it like any other app, a pop out may warn you about installing third party apps so just ignore it (unless it's not my app.) and install and play! ^w^b


com.monchimutt.sociallyawkward-4-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 133 MB
SociallyAwkward-0.06-mac.zip 124 MB
SociallyAwkward-0.06-pc.zip 142 MB

Development log


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I believe theres a few errors with Maccon at lunch including sitting with maccon and speaking about his father

Soooo it says the game updated and I downloaded it, but there's no new content, it still stops after the college second day with MC having a breakdown 🤣

The update was to fix bugs?

Huh? owo I didn't send an update yet.

I played it yesterday, tho it seems there's already a new version already, that's cool. Anywya, loving the game. The way u wrote it really makes me feel like I'm in the story instead of just reading it. Also, the characters expressions is very human haha

Seems like Tom likes the main character huh

Hope the game continues. I'll be waiting for more hehe

Good work 👌🏻👏🏻

Oh,I found a error here, or at least I think it's lol

"apiece" instead of "a piece"

Lol that was supposed to be posted like 10 days ago

Hey! Really loving this so far, only thing that takes me out of it is the spelling. The charaters art is great and its nice to see that there's a wide range of different emotions for the cast. I would honestly love to help out and check up and make sure the dialog's spelled correctly, if you'd like that sort of help. 

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Thanks for volunteering! Although the spelling and grammar have already been fixed, but you can join with the community through my discord! Just remembered I need to put the link in the description >A</ 

Just head on over here! ^w^b


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How am I suposed to continue with the history when the game takes me to the menu telling me Tom will arrive soon?... Help... I don't know how to 😪... (I play in Android)

I think it means an update is coming?

I don't know... Because I only played like 10 minutes... The game is taking me to the menu the day after we went to a restaurant to eat with Tom...


Tom's and John's route is coming in the next update. This update covers Rask and Maccon route, as stated in my developer's log.

Ohhh!!!... I see... Thank you... If it's that so, i will wait the update... 😁👍


I like a game where you can relate to the character. I'm socially awkward at all time. To be honest I don't even want to speak at all, call me ungrateful but I rather be silent than accidentally insult someone.

This game appeared many times now to me and this caught my interest and so far from what I can see it looks great!

Oh and are you by any chance a Filipino?

Yup! A failure at being one though. Can't even speak the language, nor understand 80% of it. :V

It's great to know that a fellow Filipino makes a VN about furries! And don't say your a failure at being being one just because you don't speak nor understand most of the language, it does not define you as a failure.

939a Nah, being a failure means im not in the norm of Filipino standards .3.b which i am proud of it o3o9 \oCo/ I AM FREE FROM SOCIAL RESTRAINTS!!!

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Well then we're in same spot XD

Oh I'm the same. but I'm half Chinese or is it a quarter Chinese, whatever it is I don't even speak or understand Chinese. I just roll my eyes whenever people ask me to speak Chinese though cause just because my lineage is Chinese doesn't mean I have that language in my brain ready to go.

Does this VN have gay romance?

Yes 939a I should really point that out.

Definitely gonna give this one a try.

Just finished the game as it is now. Absolutely love it.

Im glad I found this novel keep it up I love the humor in this novel too its great!

This game piqued my interest <3 Keep up the good work

And also mabuhay kaya mo yan support kita ^^

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Love all the characters and the vn, My only problem with this vn is the mc is too annoying to like, what the previous person said before me is correct too random he needs to be toned down alot


isn't the the whole point tho with how the game is named? they're socially awkward and to most would find annoying to be around lol

you can be socially awkward without being that socially awkward


hmmhmm ,definitly a good base. every probatly dateable character seems interresting.  the only character that i find a Little difficult  is the MC himself, a Little over the top random but i am sure i will warm up to him once the Game goes Forward. i am really Looking Forward to how the game will develop.  how are updates planed? Monthly? Random? 

Its going to be a monthly update .3./


yay, finally has mac version, Thx XD

Tell me if it works, don't have a mac to test it.

It's work properly, thx so much :3

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Who are the dateable characters its alittle confusing


Gotta find them~ wont be much of a game without a little exploration.


Ya got the download for mac and pc switched around.

Wait, are you playing both versions on one computer?


Nah, windows but ive noticed afterward you had the links switched around

AH CRAP!! *fix* thanks for pointing it out! ;3;

Hmm.. the game isnt showing when downloading for windows.

try resetting your pc and redownload.


It's a pretty decent start ngl... So far we get to see the idea on the main character's past that led up to the present... A few characters introduction here and there... The characters sprite are amazing looking♥️✨♥️✨ Hope to see more update! Keep up the good work😌✨