Did I forget that I was in a typhoon?

I mean I did, in the comments... which... I forgot people can just out-comment you... 6w6a...


Yeah .3. My town was hit by a typhoon three weeks ago. House is sort of fixed, still has mold from the rain. But everything else is okay, got some solar panels to charge up (thankfully I invested ~3~) but it's not enough to power everything I need. Sure, I'm writing this down on a laptop but the batteries aren't going to last the whole night and who knows if it'll rain in the morning. 9w9a

ANYWAYS!!! again.

Yup .w./ Game's on hiatus until the power's back. Which my neighbors already had it since week 1.... 737 there's some conspiracy here!! OCO Hope you understand. 636 NOW GIMMIE YOUR HOT MEN!! OCO


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sabi ko sa inyo eh...


Gasp! The hurricane was targeting furries!


the power thing is a mood 

my area floods so bad that the house down the street from me almost is at water level (ITS ON STILTS) and we always get power before the mainland 


Oh dear! Take your time. Stay healthy and safe, first!


The beauty and horror of life...make a good lemonade! Wish you a fast recovery.


I live in a country where that kind of weather is non-existent so I can only imagine how horrifying it is for you... Wishing you the best/your house a speedy recovery!!

same here, Typhoon hit hard, thankfully Our power went back on week 2

Dude I hope yr alright!


normally I'm against sharing hot men.... but like this sounds like a situation that you need them more than me lol, just ask and I'll see if I can find some you don't know, and on another note I'm sorry this happened at all, I hope whatever conspiracy your neighbor is a part of they get you in so you can get power back and be able to do what you want!


I wish to boop dragon boi on the nose.


Take your time mate!


That's fine,hope everything go back to normal soon:)


No worries, just worry about yourself hon, hope things improve for you soon, :)


Don'y worry monchimutt. Take all the time you need. We'll be waiting till everything is done.