Socially Awkward 0.20 Maccon's 2/2 and Day 3 1/3.


This one took... so much brain power...  SO MUCH REWORK IN THE SCRIPT!!! < A> 

Sorry, it took so long! ;3;/ and sorry it's short... ONCE AGAIN!!! \ ;w;/ I made a ton of content, but the pacing was wrong! >C<9 So I cut it and stuff it for future use! ;3;// so... for now... ENJOY MACCON'S BULGE REMAKE!! < W>

# Reworked Maccon's sprites to add more arm movements.

# Grammar fix in Tom's route Day 3

# Horny Jayce emote.

# Added Maccon pecs bouncing assets. (not in writing yet) 

# Added Maccon arm flex assets. (not in writing yet)

# Added Maccon erection* assets. (not in writing yet) 

# Added Tom's CG dinner date, by @TyronmI 

# Replaced background for the living room by @Jasperhuxley

#Added a new main menu screen that will trigger on Day 3 

# Renamed some music for easier access. (Click the ignore button if you're prompt with a missing music error, it'll fix itself, hopefully)


# Maccon's missing arm during the gym scene!!! OH NO!!! *fixed*
# Gym music in Tom's route is now fixed!

# Maccon grew a third arm *fixed with a chainsaw*


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Oct 26, 2021 431 MB
Oct 26, 2021 396 MB
Oct 26, 2021

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I just finished my first play through! I REALLY like this VN! I don't know why I waited so long to play it. I also noticed that I didn't get to see most of the scenes that are posted here on the page. So, I look forward to some more play throughs to try and see everything!


MonchiMutt! I hug you *aggressively*




how bo I start Maccon's route


Go left and keep going. The panic attack is temporary. 

(1 edit) (+3)

Protip, on the main menu, you can't click the options unless you press inside the letter lines, so the hole in "O" isn't even clickable.

I'd add a transparent png or something and have it behind the letters, and make the png the button, so you don't have to click exactly the line of the letter :D


HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME A VALID IDEA!!! *slap you with a thank you note*


Beesh we now how hard it is to make a VN. uwu

So take your time well~ (*´ω`*)



that Maccon's bulge is *chef kiss* tskr


For android player, I recommend you to download the windows version and play on joiplay app, that if you have problem with the android version. Btw, thanks for the update ❤️

(2 edits)

Mine only show black scence when i open. I play on android and hope you can fix.

Did you try reinstalling? .3.

I tried but it still doesn't work.

I've uploaded another version .w./ but this time, uninstall the app then reinstall. Hope this works .w.b

Thank you. It work now.

I play on android, i started a new game and when i saved i couldn't see the sprites or anything, is there a solution for this? 

Have you tried reinstalling? o3o Some android users say it worked.

Hmm ill try to do that ;w;

Nope it didnt work sadly :'3

I uploaded a new render, try uninstalling and installing .3.a

Ok thx ^w^

Welp it didnt work but thx for trying to help, ill just play it like that

im having trouble getting the app it says app not installed and i cleared up space, im on chrome book btw can someone help im in development mode



Future use aka use in 2000 year



# Added Maccon arm flex assets. (not in writing yet) # Added Maccon erection* assets. (not in writing yet) im sorry ,WHAT?@!?!!


Literally punching the air right now


Arm gone

(人´∀`) thanks