Socially Awkward 0.19 Tom's Route.

# More hand gestures added in for Jayce.

# Slight rework on Tom's body but it's not visible nor implemented as of yet.

# Tom Day #2 Finished!

# New backgrounds! By :)

# EDIT - Switched some variables to stay consistent, it should fix the bug on Tom's Day 2 Lunch scene.

Sorry for taking long... again... BUT I'M DOING BETTER!! I hope... maybe...


U gay. *plays horn sounds*

Known bugs:

#Day 1 with Tom - Bakery scene - Fixed! (download the latest version *cross fingers*)

#Day 2 with Tom - Cliff scene - Tom floating - Fixed! 


SociallyAwkward-0.19.apk 426 MB
Jul 27, 2021 401 MB
Jul 27, 2021 435 MB
Jul 27, 2021

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I have a question! Does cake taste better when it's cold then when it's getting warmer?


it depends, if it's a wet cake, cold is better, if it's a normal cake, also depends on your likes, but most of the time, a cold cake is better.

Oh sweet! That makes perfect sense!

*rephrases* "WERE gay"



(1 edit)
how do you start Tom's Route

By going to the auditorium and not switch seats with your friend.



And this is why this is my favorite VN THAAAAAAAANKS ;w;

Just download and its truly fascinating

I don't think I can switch to the other route after this. 👁️👄👁️


I fell in love with this game so hard that I might get sick. Hope you doing better. Stay safe everyone.

(2 edits) (+1)

i retake tom's route and i think i encounter old event before this new route

it happened after first childhood memories and at bakery and then grey wolf show up and zale while background still at bakery

not sure what trigger it, it might be me skipping seen scenes

-edit- thank for quick fix this scene and it worked as intent :D