Socially Awkward 0.17 Tom Route.

# Tom Day 2.75

# New backgrounds by @SnivyYT

# New CG


# Android is up! AFTER GRUELING FOR A FIX!! >C<9 CURSE YOU BUGS!!!! 

# Added another version of android =C=9 DAMN YOU GOOGLE AND YOUR STUPID POOR PLANNING!! >C</

If none of the android versions work, try Joi player on google and download the PC version of the game.  I really don't know what to do. :C


SociallyAwkward-0.17-linux.tar.bz2 343 MB
May 09, 2021 336 MB
May 09, 2021 353 MB
May 09, 2021
com.monchimutt.sociallyawkward-100000017-arm64-v8a-release.apk 345 MB
May 10, 2021
com.monchimutt.sociallyawkward-17-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 345 MB
May 10, 2021
com.monchimutt.sociallyawkward-17-universal-release.apk 360 MB
May 12, 2021

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The Android versión didn't work, i already try the 3 options :c


Everytime John gets bonked on the head it gives me life. :D


here's hoping for Rask route next update

ohhh just  saw this can't wait to see what you have done

\^3^/ New update!


I love the updates but i hope that we get a rask update soon

 its good. thought  i hope we get a Best boy Rask update soon too.

Also I didn't know that you planned on only working on Tom and Maccoons route for the forseeable future. It's unfortunate for John and Rask fans but I think its a good idea to focus on one or two to bring the story forward.


Any Tom Update is a good update no matter how short it is.


It might be short but its SO GOOD, I love the way they interacted with one another. Especially THAT moment, it makes up for all the memes I get embarrassed about recognizing :P

You did a great job man, even if you do think it was a short one. Can't wait for more Tom, they're so sweet together


It doesn't matter I use Android but I can wait! ^_^ Congratulations on your new computer!


AAAAAAAAAAAAA i loved it! i really appreaciate your work monchi thank you so much for this update!