The game is delayed until further announcement .w./

"WHY!?" you say? .w./ Ohohohoh~ Because it's hardly an update if I update now 6w6 so... HAH!!! OCO In all seriousness I just want to make more content per update rather than tiny bits and pieces. Been rewriting almost the same scene for days and it sucks that it doesn't follow through 636... that's it .3./

OCO NOW GEET!! GEET!! *cocks shotgun*

Get Socially Awkward


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You dare oppose me? Funny, a shotgun, the range can't reach me SADLY, well you can hear me right? Maybe you can't that's fine, maybe you should get. *reloads Sniper rifle* What can I say, I'm hyped for this next update.

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Hahahhah yeah okay. I'll wait (≧▽≦) since i love this VN. Hahah. Anyways which route do you love making the most?  And why? (Edit: i will keep on supporting you Monchi!!! I want to help too! UwU)


This emoji spam xd

Yeah hahah

old man mcguckit?

My Pov:


I appreciate the time being taken to not half-ass the project UwU


Take your time Monchi, being a fellow writer I understand that a good story/content takes time and a lot of thought. You do you, Rome wasn't built in a day as the saying goes. ^_^ 


instead of the shotgun you can use the other "thing" (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Gotchu Fam

a simpathetic Tano just doesn t exist XD. Well in all fairness he seems to be a great guy who just want to look out for his tribe ^^

(≧▽≦) What the. Hahahah



"Shoot me, I like more holes."

I must say , i like your philosophy ;)

*leh sweats*w-we have patience!pls put the shotgun down!we can talk bout it-

*UwU intensifies*


Take all the time you need, we understand, now could you take the shotgun down now pwease?

(+2) honest...i like it °>=>°

Can we just not do the shotgun bit and do the other bit instead...?


Take your time, sending hugs too. LOL

take ur time try ing to make thins faST make then wrong


*cocks bigger shotgun*  ur not allowed to take a break you work for me!

 if this update dose not come out in a a day i will not pay you (in exposure of course)

It's Okay Monchi keep your head up, and take your time and work bro we understand; sending lots of hugs your way !!

Take your time Monchi! Sending hugs.

It's alright monchi,

No need to rush

Take your time 



is that thing even loaded?


One way to find out.