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I'm sooo excited for the update!!! :3


To anyone who's wondering when the game will update, the creator has set a goal for next month. Source: Patreon.


I need an update NOW!!😭


When is the update?

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During the parts where Jayce is dreaming, the shaky text animation really slows down the game, also causing more crashes.


I legit just started reading this and I'm cackling over the art style and animation.  It's so well done!  I have such a crush on Tom...  I look forward to continuing it :)


In John's route there are a lot of errors where it does not find his sprite in the files. Like on the train to the  mall and he is laying on Jayce's lap it will pop up saying that it  didn't find the sprite.

Yes!! I had the same problem and it's so annoying :<


Una historia sin duda vital, debe ser vista por todos los que puedan, sin duda alguna es una de ls qué motivan a impulsar $$ sus tramas, acciones, arte, es todo excelente exquisito

Recently downloaded, been getting lots of crashes and I'm not sure why. Pretty annoying but I think I can manage. :P


Comedy done right!  Had me laughing so much!!  Love this VN and I can't wait for more.  MC is low key my ideal man.


cant wait for the next update


How many routes are there?

there are 4 routes (Tom, John, Maccon, Rask)

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I want to smell Maccon's ass cheeks. 

lmao based


I was fighting demons that night 

i wish i was there too bro, would have loved to feel that temptation you when through.


The VN is funny but I’m also really confused now….

Like there was a ghost and then fire and then its over. I know the VN is not finished yet but still :L

Ahh I should have read the Route destination fist. So looks like I got Maccon’s. So I should probably play it again and try Tom’s route ^^


Yes, Tom's route is the longest, and in every other route the game basically ends after the ghost scene :(

(I played all 4 routes, I'm obsessed with this game)


Thank good the darkness from Echo is lightweight and kinda hot :L

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Only toms being developed atm, I think the dev doing one route at a time is a good call. We get a completed route quicker instead of all routes being half done in 7 years. 

They can also focus on the stories being individual for each route instead of overthinking jumping from route to route every other update.

is this game sad i cant find anything on it 😭😭

yes 🙃

can anyone tell me why john's route was removed?


please go too the discord if you need to report an issue.

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I literally had to play the game 2 times cuz it's just amazing, Tom tho 😍🙀


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Will david have his own route

unfortunately not as he's apparently not of age...? idk why

probably not, he's only a side character, and there is not very much interaction with him even in the 1 or 2 routes where he is present.

that is so sad :"3


I will only download this because I am Socially Awkward 

(haha get it? I said the name of the game. Laugh please the police are onto me I'm trying to act like a comedian so they don't find me)


Rask the type of guy to say "jolly good show!" (I am into that)




I loved the VN but I'm surprised that there isn't a finished or semi-finished route for John yet, since I saw him he's been my favorite character, I hope for an update soon <3 John supremacy 🛐

I don't know why but everytime I play it goes back to the main menu is this a bug I don't know how to fix this I need help I need to see tom he's so fine😏

The game looks like it's based of Vancouver, BC if I didn't know better. The currency/train system used in the novel looks just like it

It's actually based in the Philippines I believe!


Your writing and animations truly are a treasure and make me smile and laugh out loud! Thank you! I love the story and characters and cannot wait to see what you come up with!


absolutely beautiful, love the humour and generally the art style. TOM SUPPREMACYY!!!

loved it cant wait for more <3

The latest update of Tom's route is soooooo COOL 10/10

is there a way to get the CG of rask and his uncles jogging? I've gotten all the rest but that one eludes me still

how do you get to the cg of john over jayce?

when he asks about your appartement choose It's Empty, which makes Jayce say "it's lonely", when he's touring the place he'll trigger the CG


yall tom is so damn fine

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I wonder what will happen faster? Option A - I will grow up and get married. Option B - I will grow up, get married and have children. OPTION G - I WILL GROW OLD AND DIE WITHOUT WAITING FOR MY JOHN



so whats new this update


loved the game when will another update be out?


It just had a update


Really enjoying this so far it's hilarious


Beautiful story, excellent draws, purrfect way of illustrate, funny and great way to animate the chara-pic of our character... Wonderful <3


I really really need the Rask route.

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