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Will there be a John route since he said "Would you even dance with me?"

There is already? Did you explore every directiin?

Oh I don't think I did. Let me go back 

"Contemplating if you should shake the Hand of a stranger, worst a Lupus"
-Exsqueeze me?  anything wrong with that? *huff and puff my wolf cheeks*
Typical  Cat ,hmpf.

(in case it was not obvious enough, i am joking ^v^ )

Oh sorry i forgot it was still in developement

Wait why does it stop right after the train station


The animation and art of this game is so wonderful, and watching as more and more expression and personality is added to each character is so exciting. I can already tell I'm going to love each route and this update, especially with the worldbuilding changes revolving around Rask, make so much more sense and fit with it really well. Keep up the amazing work :)

I really loved the new rask route, the old one was fine but this one is much better, I say it more than anything because of the "grays", and I have to admit that I laughed a lot with the scene where Jayce launches rask on the curb, the case of just imagining it was very funny xD, but I wonder what will come in the next update, the "new route" of tom or maccom ?, on day two of rask or perhaps the option where "You can save rask from the evil hands of john>: 3 "(in any case it is very good and also that I cannot believe that it was so punctual it was not even noon and the updates were already available)

rask is such a good boy i cant wait to see more of him

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When I first played socially awkward I used to dislike Rask, and now he is one of my favorites lol

Uh, I really like that VN. The animations make the chara's so touchable, your writing is so playful and lively! Great work so far!

If you ever need help (for free) with the UI-Design, let me know. I would like to support you that way. (I am a graphicsdesigner - no money, but lot of work! xD)

can't wait to see where this VN is going. loving it so far ♥

There are two android version....

Yup, for different  android versions .3.

Oh Okey. Thanks `hugs`

I think there's a glitch on the first night when i get a text from rask, he said "hello jayce" even though i didn't name the main character that

yeah i got that too

Already fixed .3./ Will apply in the next update.

I enjoyed Rask's new route, Jayce is wonderfully entertaining and as quirky as ever. Can't wait for Mac's update!

Where is the road of "Maccon" on the 0.10V ? Don't tell me the creator delete him , he was so hot !

I played  the version 0.05v beacause I found the story interesting and I wanted to wait and see how thing were going until the 0.10 version, so I'm confused now: why Maccon road disapear suddently ?

Please someone explain me


Monchimutt is going to rewrite all the characters and decided to ''hide'' the other routes to eventually update them and put them back in the game.

imo your writing is one of the best ever

it showed that it wasn't on here and I was so scared you deleted it ;-; but you didn't :D

I'm loving this vn hehe, the only bad thing about it is that it ends waaaay too soon ;w; That's fine though lol :P Keep up with the good work and stay saaafe :3

I'm curious , but what do you mean by 18+ semi-linear like nudity with one liners, I think?

I think it means you have a few choices but the rest of the game is linear

Im a bit confused what is the latest version?-_-#

0.09, :3

Hey guys. Quick question. Who's route is next?

? What do u mean. There isn't a finished route  at this moment. No route was finished. Why Next route? 

i think he means what coming in the next update and for answer the question No one knows yet (i wish the next was the maccon route :V)

I wish that too. But Tom a bit more... Was it Tom?.... I guess it was Tom... Ufff my brain...

if you mean the john brother, yes :v 

Which android one is it? There is two.

pick any, if one doesn't work, pick the other.

Is Jayce taller than John?

Hi, how can I support you with a little tip? :) Other pages have an option to give them or not money in exchange for the game.

I already supported a few other visual novel creators and wanted to make it even. I rather spend my money on all of you than buy useless things, I won't need anyway.... 

thru his patreon of course :d

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Yeeeah, weell... I'm not so sure, if I want to become patron of a 4th project. :c 


I love what you have done so far, I can't wait to see what happens next :)


(Android user) the extent of how far i can get is the train, and I'm hearing about sine other routes other than john, and i have no idea what's going on

There is, unfortunately, as I mentioned in the dev logs, I rewrote my sprite system so  the other routes are locked until I fix them.

so, it isn't a problem with the android version that i can only get to the train station in day 2?

Did you not see the final message?


What final message? 

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I like the way you censored those Copyright thingy. But in my opinion you should make a censors for swear in the preference and i love your Characters sprites . Jayce looks cute and the story looks so real. I think i came over this before. Keep Fighting! (Did i use the right word lol) 😆😆😆

It's been amazing watching this VN grow. The detail and livelihood of the characters is fantastic too. Can't wait to see it grow more!

I absolutely love this game so far!!

I have a question. On the description, you say that this will be an 18+ visual novel. As cuss words are somewhat "censored" in this game, what makes (or will make) this 18+?

keep up the great work! 


Some of the words are meant for copyrights but you're right, wasn't sure if I should censore the swear words. 

Lol, alright, that does make sense

I have just one other question though. Since in the description to the game, it says that the game will be 18+, will there be anything else other than swear words that will make this game 18+? 

I'm simply just absolutely fascinated by this game as it has already become one of my top favorite visual novels of all time


It is a romance visual novel 939 so.... it should be 18+? xDa

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I can't wait! 

I was just curious and was kind of nervous to just say what I was thinking aloud and that's why I was vague in my question, so thank you for the clarification and good luck on your VN, man

I'll try to see what I can do about becoming a Patron to help you out ^.^


\ >w</ thanks!

The characters sprites in this game are so expressive and lively !!!! I love that so much, it really makes this game special. Great work !!!!!

Jayce is such a cutie, I love his and John's back and forth

Oi Oi Oi Oiii!!!!...... *Sniff* i wasn't to talk to Maccon ....  

Anyway, Nice Update on Johns Route 


Jayce looks so handsome in his new hairstyle

I just find out a unimportant bug

When you choose "Dance" and then "Rethink", Jayce will still sweating even you choose "Tennis" σ`∀´)σ

Wooh! 939 a persistence bug! Thanks >wO/ *fixed*

Love how expressive and alive your characters are, both in writing and sprites. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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shouldn't you update the screenshots on the front page here since Rask is now Rockin a totally new look? ;)
 Edit: nvm everything is up to date now.

Actually I need to Agree! Cuz..... Nevermind

Just went through the 0.09 update, I absolutely love it so far. The characters are so expressive, its great <3 Also love the little touch on the main menu screen that I'm guessing shows which route you're currently on.

≥w≤ monchimutt I wanna vlog this magnificent VN All hail MONCHIMUTT!!!

How can i Download on Android(I die it several Times but cant Play the full Game even though i downloaded all Two Datas )Please Help

The games not done, not even close... May I ask why you think its a full game?

Ok I only can Go to the train but in YouTube Videos they are further

There is!? show me! oCo

Sorry i would but im to dumb to Copy a Link of a Video Please Just Type on YouTube "Socially Awkward " I Show you how far i can get 

Yup, that's as far as the John's route go.

Must we start again?

If you want a broken game .3.a sure?


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