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i love this game so much,hope the creator gets great rest

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I got to say YOU ALMOST KILLED ME BECAUSE it was so fucking funny i was crying because how funny it was


i miss the updatre

Is it nsfw or sfw

there's a gym bath scene with three naked furry men so... (o///o )


i like your game but, *ehem can you add s3x scene :3


chill we all are waiting for it, the creator needs some rest

yes a very smart man or woman here people


Go to horny jail

do you kow ant good vissal ook in


I know this is a stupid thing to comment about, but it let me hit the pillow the exact perfect amount of times before maxing out lol

There is a max?

Just to be clear, the game is on a hiatus, but hasn't been officially and permanently cancelled, right?

Yes :D


me finishing every route waiting for every route to be be completed and have a david route, but seriously pls wake up im desperate for more updates

Isnt everyone :(


yeah, everyone's waiting patiently while im here staring at my phone waiting for an update ^-^


he did say that he is taking a year off you should read it he need time to him self and hes own life not just books for us              im not saying i dont want more but hes has hes own life

You didnt have to clarify im well aware of his break 


This visual novel is really good....though im hoping that there will be a david route, hes my favorite

So is this VN permanently canceled?  Or is the author just taking a break? 


we do not know. They are taking a break but it could be over tomorrow or never. we just gotta wait and send good vibes so they feel passion again.


He's taking a year-long hiatus due to some personal things going on in his life. It is unknown whether he will cancel the game (but I hope he doesn't).

will there ever be a daniel route i would love to see that:D


is there something specific im supposed to do to get a different route for the direction i pick. if anyone can clarify. thnx

spoiler alert

left then go forward will lead to maccon's route

left then go back will lead to rask's

right immediately leads to either tom or john's route depending on your choice whether you switch seats or not

thanks for that. got confused a bit

Look forward to seeing more down the line Monch ol bean. Rest up!

Are Zale and Cole like patreon or twitter characters? Cuz I found twitter account with Zale and Cole as like their OC or prof pic?


I'll leave it here


I want tom part


Rest as much as you need!

It is obvious that the work on the project is colossal, so rest is simply necessary.

We will patiently wait and believe that one day you will return to us.

We believe in you, Monchimutt!


We belive in you! I want some sausage party wen you'r back!


Its all right, take all the breaks you need! Hope you are ok tho


Don't drop please. We really like your VN. Hope you can continue it soon.

when is the next update pls

it's on hiatus now ;( so prob not soon

Is my download glitched or something? I've seen everyone else looking like their far into the game but my game only goes up till Jayce has the nightmare. Am I missing something?

If you haven't solved it yet, you are on one of the less completed routes. I think both Rask's and John's routes end at the nightmare. I can't recall how far Maccon' s route goes, and I know for sure that Tom's route goes past.

thanks! I probably accidentally landed on that route but I'll wait out an update because id rather see where it goes than try to get another atm


R U A FILIPINO???? the puppybees was the giveaway, esp the longanisa lol 


the Creator is a Filipino :)


:(( <3 nauuuuur but we need to support more filo artist  :((( <3

I knew it

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Is it just me or the new Jayce kinda looks like ugly sonic.



Its giving me ugly sonic vibes, prolly because of the eyes are further apart and smaller than the rest of the other jayces? and the teeth are individually lined like sonic?  kinda looks different from the other jayces:


I love that this last update dropped while I was at my local Pride event.


I played the whole game... And i still don't know why i like David... He's just ADORABLE

He is not a love interest so he has this thing were we are not pressured to let them in our lives, but instead we are pleased he exist in our lives. Also, well written character.


I wonder if John and David will become possible love interest routes. I really can't wait for the updates too.

Oh, John has a route, but it hasn't been updated yet. Rest assured, we'll get some lovin' from him in the future! 😋Not sure about David tho.

I believe David's a minor, so no (he used to be but then they changed his age).

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Oh I see...but if that's so, (in Maccon's route) then I wonder why he literally gave a condom lol, if you see what I'm getting at


I mean from what I recall he's 17 so it's not like he's completely clueless. He probably just wants his brother to use protection (and more or less just another one of monchi's gags).


Is there an actual route for Rask? Because the updates are going like Maccon-Tom-Maccon-Tom-...  And Rask only appears in "his route" so idk what to think. Anyway, more updates for my boy Tom, not gonna complain.


They were working on Rask's route but ended up with Tom in order to make the story progress properly, more info in this update post:

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Dude how many times more will u change the story? BAHAHA

I lost track of how many versions of it there was already... tho so far, this one is being the most enjoyable hehe just started a new route and I'm reading what's new :D


EmoJi, no? And u can actually do place a real emoji...

Ren'py Emoji 😲 and Custom Text Tags - YouTube

Edit: btw, what's that BS "your parents" thingy? No ideia of what's BS LOL


Just played the new Tom' route and it was very amusing :D

I liked the changes you made, it made me laugh a lot haha. Besides, I'm kinda curious to see how it develops...

Loved the new arts <3 and glad u already have plans on doing a gallery for them hehe

They'r so expressive haha and the BGs are pretty awesome too!

Besides the one's that the MC is with his head down... those look WEIRD AS HELL '-'

The paiting/photo on the living room does weird me out tho LOL

Waiting for more! xP


Ooh, just something, the shower scene involving Maccon and the dude I forgot the name was a bit eh weird... forced I think? 

Like the story was flowing okay, then that popped out of nowhere and kinda had no congruence at would make much more sense if it was just Tom playing along with what *lousy* suggestions John may made to him (as implied by his dialogues after), without Maccon and the other dude being invoved.

Besides, u need a new BG for the showers LOL the "private" one is exactly a publich shower... and again, regarding the "forced story", the fck is a random dude doing on the owner's (of the gym) private shower?

It's still weird Tom showing there, as I presume a private shower is like, one stall with only one showerhead, but okay, "passable" - maybe that shower has 2 stalls or something like that? - , moreso considering that Maccon may be doing him a favor - as Tom did talk about the MC to him -, but damn, the FCK those other 2 "extras" do there? hahaha

Hope I was clear enough LOL my English sucks.

Also, their dicks are WEIRD AS FCK when hard LOL

They look okay soft, but seems like a "skin-colored" murshoom - acoording to the OCs skin color.

And the ghost thing was hillarous and weird ;P and yeah, I did finally felt the horror tag with those eyes looking at my soul LOL

Found some typos:



Oh, and regarding the art, something is pretty weird here... like, in some CGs it seems like they're different OCs '-'

Maybe different artist or something like that - as the style is preeety different haha

In some they look the usual, in others Tom is just a bit different - art style I think - but in others the MC goes from hmm "regular 20s dude?" to looking like a twink '-' that was pretty WTF

Here Tom's a bit different, but as said, the style it was drawn is different too... 

Not much difference haha it's better to keep it consistent tho

Here they both look kinda different...moreso for Jayce - but I dunno if it was intended xP

The one MC seems like a twink


I believe BS is Bull crap… I do not know if I can type the word… sorry.

Are there guides for the different routes :)?


Currently there are only 3 routes. Tom, Maccoon, and Rask. If you want Maccon's route, when you arrive at the school, go to the schoolyard by pressing "Left" and "Keep Going". If you want Tom's route, just press "Right". If you want Rask route, just press "Left" and "Head Back".

Hope this helps~

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You forgot John's route which can be accessed by just agreeing to switch seat with him.


Lol, about that, I actually just figured about it yesterday and didn't even know he had a route (like David) 'till then. My bad. (´;ω;`)


Is it possible to see the nurse John describes???


on Tom route, paceholder only tho


Lol, what type of ending was that


WAIT! I was playing Tom's route when I noticed him cut off his last name. I thought that was odd, but wrote it off thinking his family was famous or something. Then I played John's route, and he addressed himself as John T. Nully, not John T. Scarab-. 

Was this explained somewhere and I was too smooth brain to notice? 0-0


Oh. Old family. Although, I admit, it was nice to find out more about them. 


What program did you use to do this game. It´s awsome by the way, i identify as the protagonist so much even my friends say it´s literally you XD


The VN was made in Renpy.

With what programming lenguage?? java??


Ren'Py uses its own custom script, which to my knowledge is just called Ren'Py. I think it is just Python with a custom interpreter, but I'm not sure. Either way, you can execute Python code within Ren'Py scripts so a Python background could be helpful here.

Fortunately, both Ren'Py and Python are super easy to learn, so if you start trying to write a novel with Ren'Py you can learn both as you go.


i´ll have it in mind, thank you for answering this questions :3


Freakin love this, hope life is going ok and looking forward to the next update!! <3


Just played and even thou its short really liked it.  Definitely a Maccon fan on this.  Any news on the creator about updates or is it dead?


OAO *hold up a knife*

si nos matas vamos a atormentar a tom por la eternidad, como no stalkear  a ese papucho 


I say they very much alive. May need some love and money to continue living though.

Maybe they need a sandwich? 



This game is hilarious and fun, I'm excited to see how it goes!

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How do I go past the fire ball part because i cant go further than that

fire ball?

after the ghost part (shoulda worded it better) 

Oh! I get ya now.

Because that's the path of Jon. And it's so short, I tried all of them, and the first time I played it, I was confused too. You can try another option. There should be a total of 4 routes if I'm not mistaken.

oh okay thank you

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