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lovely <3

Love this Game! Nearly cried from relativity.

love the update, but can someone explain what happened at the end? Why were they shocked all of a sudden?

That is called a cliffhanger. We won't know until the next update. it's supposed to motivate us to play the next Maccoon Update too.


Everything I say, I say in my own oppinion. I don't hate the game or anything, I honestly really like it, and just want it to become the best it can become.  With that out of the way here are my two cents to the update.

The more I play Maccoons route the more I wish there was a David route. 

Partially because David is just such a little buddy. He is adorable and the way David and Jayce both feel kinda comfortable around eachother is just such a nice character dynamic. And they do have something in common, namely El Tigre Lobo who they both are fans of. All in all their relationship just seems very natural.

Compared to that Jayces only real interest in Mac is his beefy himboness. That is one thing I really dislike about Macs route. Its ok to state that someone is hot and its ok to thirst alittle for them but Jayces thirst for the guy is honestly pretty creepy and not cute anymore. That is all he is to Jayce just a piece of meat he literally calls him that several times. Jayces only real connection to Mac is that Jayce is the crush of his best friend Tom and the friend of his little brother David. And I know it's a work in progress and I'm sure Jayce and Maccoon will get closer and learn new stuff about eachother. But the early game Maccoon route doesnt really give me any reason to ship them so to say. Just how I ship Tom and Jayce from their cute interactions. 

Speaking about Tom. I know in love and in war everything is allowed and that on the Mac route Jayce will obviously end up with Mac but its still kinda shitty for Mac to know exactly that Tom has a crush on Jayce but then still persue him romantically. Like I said that isn't anything against Mac if Tom doesn't confess in time. John is also in the same situation and I don't dislike him either for pursuing Jayce romatically. But still with a David route that conflict of interest doesn't exist he wouldn't know about the love life of his brothers friend after all. 

So what I am trying to say is that I like Mac as a character, good enough he isn't  bad, I just really dislike how Jayce acts around him. So the more calm and sweet interactions with David and Jayce are preferable to me.

Also to reiterate this post doesn't  mean I demand Macs route to be removed(which I don't want) or a David Route to be added(what I do want) it's your game and only you can decide that. But what I do wish for is for Mac and Jayce to be better, to get better chemistry other than "him hot bara me bury face in chest".

 Also don't get discouraged from this message Monchi, like I said I really REALLY LOVE the game. Toms route is the best written and the other two routes are very solid. Just keep working on it at your own pace!

Welp those are my thoughts and I am ready to accept all the downvotes I will get.

I agree with pretty much everything you just said...literally every time time he sees Mac he's like ahaha hot beefy hunky slay daddy creams pants...even the panic attack thing...weird. I'd also like a David route because he's like the only character that has something in common with Jayce...I know that John and Tom have their past together, but sometimes, it just seems like there's some level of submittal obligation. I also do like the game, but I feel like the characters could some form of fleshing out to make them  more tolerable, emotionally impactful, and have their interactions not seems so cookie cutter cliché

Oh yeah the panic attack! I didn't wanna bring it up because it was kind of a one off joke. But after seeing a panic attack scene in Toms route I just feel that its handled way  better there. Fixing it with the power of sexy may be amusing alittle but with the same sexy joke  being beaten to death over and over it just takes the charm away. 

Hm I don't really see John and Toms relationship to Jayce that way, but now that you say it you're right they don't  seem to have much in common. 

I guess John and Jayce have the technology aspect with which they can bond. But Tom doesn't  really have anything like that I think. I mean they both hate their Dads. That is something they can relate about.

Also, we know Tom has a crush on Jayce but we never really got to learn why or why Tom even decided to speak with Jayce back in the day. That is easily fixed with future updates tho.

i understand what both of you are saying, but im 95% shure that David is a minor, which is a complete nono, and should not/will not be made into a route

Ok that may be the case but controversial take here. 

If he is in university with Jayce and John he will have to be pretty close age wise. So lets assume he is 17 the first half of the VN won't be NSFW anyway. And until the later half of the VN David could have his birthday and be 18 totally legal. 

I played another game called Tennis Ace where one of the Love interests starts out as 17 and the MC is 19 and they start dating when he still was 17. They do only cute stuff (for all the love interests) in the beginning and only late during the second half of the routes does anything remotely NSFW happen. And by then the love interest was 18. 

And it's nothing weird about it its not like the MC took advantage of him they were friends who just happened to be some ages apart but not as big an age gap than to call it pedophilia. 

Disclaimer this is just an idea and not meant to tell Monchi what to write. Again it's his VN if he doesn't want there to be a David route there won't but the possibility is there.

If we assume Davids route could be a branch off of Maccoons route it could go like his. 

David: "I like you go and fuck my brother"

Jayce:"Nuu too nervous and he is so sexy he would never want me"

They start becoming friends and David continues to try hook up Jayce with his bro. 

But slowly Davids feelings change he and Jayce while trying to hook up Jayce with Mac have bonded over alot of stuff and then when Jayce is about to actually fuck/ask out Mac David realizes his feelings.

Drama ensues. Maybe David would feel he isnt man enough for Jayce because Jayce clearly has a thing for Mac. Maybe the concerns about the age gap could be brought up by Mac himself he likes Jayce but doesnt like David dating Jayce his overprotective brotherly side won't allow it. Maybe after Jayce gets over Mac and actually considers David Tom swoops in and confesses for real (maybe pushed by Mac because again Mac doesnt want David to be dating Jayce) and Jayce would of course consider that too because Tom has been very good friends with Jayce and there is more history there.  There are alot of possible events that have nothing sexual about it before David needs to be of age. And all that could take like several weeks. Unless Monchi wants to keep it by a day by day basis then as convoluted as it sounds just make Davids birthday during one of these days. Or if that doesnt work maybe keep David as a completely vanilla sfw route. Not as popular but you dont need sex for love to exist.

 And again assuming David and Jayce are close enough age wise. And in a fictional setting age is an arbitrary number Monchi as the creator can decide which ages they are, so even if David is 16 right now he can just say he is 17 and later on he turns 18. Nobody can say thats wrong because Monchi is the creator.

I know there is a stigma against aging up characters to sexualize them but come on  pairs with age gaps exists and especially if its still after High School in University and they were friends before actually developing feelings then this is just a normal relationship like any other.

So yeah it is possible to write a David route without making it creepy its just up to Monchi.

noice new update ! i am hype UwU

Finally! I can play it in android


I am in love and yet pissed that I found it at this point in time cause now I have to wait for more :( I wish I could forget about it and find it again later when there's more content cause right now I'm dying for more and it's torture not getting to see more.

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Try slamming your head on something to force amnesia :p


thank you so much I'll do it tonight.  if you don't see another comment from me it means it worked. 


I'm here to remind you so as to prolong your suffering. 

Uhm, you enjoying the game again?

haida had failed but you did their work for them with this comment 


This is some really amazing work, the characters are so personable and don't seem to be one-dimensional. Jayce is adorable and very, very relateable. Good work! Will keep a keen eye on this.

I want to download this on android, but I'm not sure which to download as there's 3 android download links. Which one is the up to date one or one I should use?

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none, the android builds are buggy because of the new Renpy update atm.
download the game's windows version, then download Joiplay from playstore. open joiplay, download renpy patch (iirc) and then search the .Exe file of the game thru joiplay. thats the only workaround if you still want to play this on android


oh I had this like a week ago and it was fine??? (I downloaded the first one)

download any, if one doesnt work then try the others.

can someone give me the discord lick ?!

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"


please tell me zale gets a route too! Like how the teacher did in extracurricular activities furry VN! Dragons are awesome!


Nope .3./ but there is a scene about him :U *not yet implemented yet*


No update today. My schedule is fucked up now from my inconsistencies ;w; LEAVE ME!!! ;C; LEAVE ME!!! *locks self in my room*

Was there supposed to be one? I don't see the schedule anywhere. Anyway, take your time.


I think the schedule is that an update will be available on every 25th of the month? But tbh we already got one this month so I wasn't really expecting another update till next month.


I have this game on itchio so does that mean it updates automatically?

u have to download it again i think

You need to check on this game for any new updates. If there is, you need to do it manually.

will there be an update today?

Did Jayce's sprites get a little different during the latest update?




this is a really charming VN!!! I am in love with Tom !!

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This is super fun! Jayce veers between relatable and a little *too* relatable from my awkward dorky college days, haha. Also, the sprite animations really elevate the presentation, though I'm sure they're a pain to code. There's a lot of action and expressiveness that you don't see in a lot of VNs. Great work so far!

Also, props for the scenes with the silly Cowboy Bebop music!

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how many paths/routes are there?


curently i've only seen the endings where Jayce has a panic attack and the other where we go with david to the ice cream truck owned by his uncle

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There will be 4 routes, Tom, John, Maccon and Rask. 

Tom and Maccon take priority while John and Rask's routes will only progress after the other two routes are finished.

wait what? Who's Rask?

The gray rich wolf. 


I installed the universal release for Android is that the right one 

Did it work? .3.

It didn't work I tried the other ones and fkr me jts just a vlack screen


Noooooo /;A;/ God damn it android! Why! Only other option is to download Joi player in the playstore then download the PC version of my game and play it off with Joi player ;3;

I rlly love this VN. Its so relatable ;u; Me encanta <3 Also, it has rlly good humor <3 Lov it 


Kinda want a small walkthrough on how to get the different husbando routes

The first two choices define the route.

thought so

Played the vn, I must say that it does well indeed have a good writing! I was hoping for David's route though :( ... Nonetheless it is amazing overall. 

Also I heard that this is a rework of your old vn. Is there any option for me to try or download the old patches? Would appreciate if anyone would tell me. 


HISSSSS!! OCO *burning them*

noooo ;-;

So I finished my first play-through yesterday.  It was fun but I didn't get much of an ending.  I didn't even see two of the backgrounds from the images on this page.  I'm looking forward to trying some different paths next time!

.3.a did ya even tried every path in the FIRST decision? o3o

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No!  I didn't think it would be significant lol  :P

I wanted David.  Or maybe meet El Tigre?  That should be bonus content.

HISSS!! OCO *sprays and runs*


Hello, I'm new here and I'm using an Android, but there are 3 versions you can download? Which one should I choose to download?


Try the universal one .w./ the last one on the list.

Yo! Found a spelling error. When in the place where you eat with Tom, Jayce starts speaking about his childhood hero, he mentions:
"He only does it to >>>villians<<<"

Welp, time for my cheeks to be hurting from constant smiling. :3

just finished all the content the game has to (currently) give and my god coming from playing 2 VNs with heavy topics this is a nice change of pace!! the goofiness of this VN is very funny and I cannot wait for more!

Over all rn nthe game is amazing the sprites are well desgined and havemt come across spelling errors and the game doesnt have issues with anything

I cat wait too see more from this game

(+1) and 👇have the same energy 

Is that normal....?

Android: 10

I really don't know ;3;/ I gave all the versions renpy spit out!


QwQ i tryed them all.. they dont work.

same, the only thing I haven't tried yet is using JoiPlay to play the windows version on my phone 🤔

dont worn for me too. 


I'm starting the game from scratch, and I'm going through Maccon's route again and honestly came to see if there was any announcement of David getting a route. You're spending so much time with him now! 

I know multiple people have requested it and I liked someone's suggestion of him having a birthday shortly after starting college so he'd be legal.

Aside from John, he's honestly my favorite character... while Maccon's my least favorite.

so, no update this 25th, yeah? it'd be super understandable

where have you been tomy?

So Frickin Sad😭 it was working an hour ago now I can't even play no more. Is this only happening to android users 

I'm sorry but this HAS to be an emotional on discord😂


None of the three works on my phone T^T I am now sad

Am Gonna cry Cuz all three of them didn't worked for me

I thought my device was faulty when I install and open this version of Socially Awkward. 

I install both universal version and v8a-arm64 version but both show black screen.

My device is Oppo A12e, Snapdragon 450, 3 GB RAM + 64 GB storage, Android 8.1

I-im speech less after finishing the new update . Thank you monchi❤❤

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